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This is the Black Belt Salsa Systematic Curriculum

... In order of PROGRESSION
... Beginners to HIGHLY Advanced!!


Over 1500 online videos....

Only $35 per month
or $198 per year!!


Follow These Simple Steps:

    1. Click Here to Register for the BBS Cloud... Then navigate BACK to THIS PAGE.

    2. Once you have filled out the Registration page in Step #1 above, received your email confirmation,
      and acquired a case-sensitive Username and Password, go to Step #3

    3. Click Here to Order your Monthly or Yearly Membership Then navigate BACK to THIS PAGE.

    4. Click Menu Above (top of page) called "Online Videos"

    5. Scroll down and select any Belt Color you wish to study.


Happy Practicing!

edie the salsa freakWith BBS, a lead could run out of song with all the variations and spin offs of the moves!...
In other Salsa classes, over time I was forgetting 80% of what I was learning. The BBS system of move/belt sequences is the key for getting leads up to par, fast!
- C.N. - Denver, CO

edie the salsa freakWhat a Great Idea - access to videos of what we are learning every week in class!!
This is a Fantastic way of helping me remember what I learned! Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge with all of us.
- G.S. - Golden, CO


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